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Clients from various corners

Aldegon has been active throughout Europe and other parts of the world: Benelux, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Morocco, Poland, Portugal, South-Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Tunisia, UK, USA, Canada and Australia. New projects in other parts of the world are in a process of development.

Multiple sectors

Not all our activities need to have a specific sector relationship. For some this seems odd, for others this is an exhilarating experience hearing new ideas and practices used in other sectors. Anyhow, we have been active in projects in the following areas: agriculture, textiles, chemical industry, food, foundry industry, machinery and equipment, automotive, port and transport, printing, distribution, service provider industry, health care, financial and finally the public sector.

Different sizes

The advantage of Aldegon is that we have the flexibility and habit to work for larger international corporations and institutions, as well as for growing family owned companies; most of them have international and/or export operations. Conclusion: most of our clients are large or mid caps.


Fully dedicated to our client’s business challenges, we built ongoing partnerships with boards, directions, and management of corporations, companies, associations, institutions and governmental agencies.

We guarantee total and absolute discretion when dealing with us. Active references can be referred to during the in depth meeting.